Yacht Systems Engineering Design

We Offer Better Engineering Standards, by Good Detailed Design.

Engineering technology has increased the complexity and quality of all types of yachts over the last 20 years. Owners now expect all the services available in a five star hotel, in their pleasure craft. Midship Boat Services have formed a niche market, with regard to their engineering systems design, in this respect, for pleasure vessels.

Very few yacht designers have been able to carry specialists in all fields of yacht design and we have been able to work with world famous designers, by undertaking the engineering design, on complex projects.

We can prepare the full range of drawings required, from simple line diagrams, up to fully specified pipework systems drawings, installation drawings and detailed machinery arrangement drawings. We can also specify the major equipment and materials to be used.

The design service mates smoothly with our agency for Dometic/Condaria Air Conditioning systems, as we are able to offer a far more detailed design/specification than our competitors, due to our broader understanding of yacht building.

Many modern vessels still suffer from a poor quality of engineering fit-out, due to insufficient early design of systems. Midship Boat Services can significantly improve the quality of the engineering, and thus the long term value and reliability of the vessel, by detailed design of systems at an early stage of the project.

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