Yacht Design

Naval Architects / Yacht Designers

We offer a full Naval Architecture service, including specification writing, primary hull design, hull construction, detailed design drawings in terms of engineering/Engine Room layout/mechanical systems and piped services, and large scale cabin arrangements.

We also undertake stress calculations, stability calculations, including inclining experiments, weighing of vessels to establish displacements and centres of gravity for trim purposes.

The Company has been involved in many types of vessel i.e. sail, full power, steam and gas turbine. We have also loaned out draughtsmen on a Contract basis to boatyards where on-site personnel are required.

Preparing appraisal of vessels with regard to M.C.A. requirements for the vessel, in order to comply with the latest Statutory Instruments and Regulations, in respect of the Class of vessel, Polution Regulations etc.

One of the larger projects we have undertaken is the 65 metre square rigged sailing vessel 'Tenacious' for the Jubilee Sailing Trust. Midship Boat Services prepared the mechanical and electrical design drawings, and obtained Lloyd's approval for same, for this vessel. We also designed and supplied the air conditioning and fresh air make-up systems to M.C.A. Charter standards.

Yacht Design
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